What is Courtesy Mitsubishi Advantage Price or Affiliate Employee Pricing?

Courtesy Mitsubishi is offering exclusive pricing to affiliate companies and local businesses in Calgary and surrounding area. We calls this the Courtesy Mitsubishi Advantage Price. We are able to extend this pricing to the company's employees and their families.

Advantage Pricing also extends to members of the Canadian First Responders, Military Armed Forces and Veterans, and recent post-secondary graduates.

How do I know if I qualify for Courtesy Mitsubishi Advantage Price?

If you have a job, you may qualify already!

Just use the form on this page and let us know who you work for or are affiliated with. Our sales team will review and contact you.

Why is it better to use Courtesy Mitsubishi Advantage Price than just buying Retail?

Courtesy Mitsubishi Advantage Price is not retail. The best part about if you qualify is the there is no need to shop for a better price. Pricing is all set by Courtesy Mitsubishi which in many cases is lower than the National Advertised Price or Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price.

Is this fleet, and will I have to claim this as a taxable benefit?

No.  Courtesy Mitsubishi extends this offer to Affiliates of Courtesy Mitsubishi it is not a taxable benefit unless the company that you work for gives you money to purchase a vehicle then that money is taxable.

Can I Finance, Lease, or pay cash to a new vehicle using Courtesy Mitsubishi Advantage Price?

Yes. It is your vehicle and you choose what ever method of payment that works best for you. Finance, Lease, or Cash.

Can I purchase a Used Vehicle with Courtesy Mitsubishi Advantage Price?

Courtesy Mitsubishi Advantage Price is only for new Mitsubishi vehicles purchased at Courtesy Mitsubishi.

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